Obsidian Scheduler

Obsidian is an enterprise-class job scheduler. We encourage you to try the live demo or check out our website for your own free download and the Obsidian wiki to get you up and running quickly.

Obsidian is easy-to-use and very powerful, meaning it will suit your needs well whether you are an organization with demanding needs for clustering, load-sharing, reliability and failover or you simply want to benefit from the ease with which you can develop new jobs and be testing them in minutes. The advanced configuration options exposed in both the Administration UI and the REST API will make your job, whether as a developer, an administrator, or someone who works in an operations or support group so much less frustrating and will contribute greatly to increased productivity.

It is targeted for the Java platform and integrates with any Java application or other JVM-based languages as an embedded or standalone process. The full administration console helps developers avoid spending time fighting with installation and deployment issues. See our website for full details and feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment.

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